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MITEQ couplers, power dividers, attenuators, terminations, phase shifters, detectors and adapters
L3 Narda-MITEQ Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators, PIN Switches, Optical RF Links, pasives,
SATCOM - converters, LNAs, redundancy, UPC, equalisers, TLT, etc.
BSC Filters Ltd. Filters and diplexers from 300 KHz to 94 GHz    
Dow-Key Microwave
Dow-Key Microwave Electromechanical switches - DC-26.5 GHz
K & L Microwave
K & L Microwave Filters and diplexers from 300kHz to 94GHz
Pole Zero
Pole Zero Digital tuneable filters
DLI Laboratories.
DLI Laboratories Capacitors, filters and dialectric substrates
Novacap Multilayer capacitors

Syfer Multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI filters
Voltronics Multilayer ceramic capacitors and tuners
 Spectracom Spain Antena 3.7mAntenna Ku band
GPS Master clock and time reference - GPS/GNSS simulators - GPS+INS modules
AR Europe
AR High power solid state RF and microwave amplifiers
AR Europe
AR Modular Modular amplifiers for communications systems
AE Techron

AE Techron Precision Industrial Amplifiers DC - 500kHz
AeroVironment Power Cycling and Test Systems
Boonton Power meters and Sensors
EasternOptX Radar altimeter test sets and delay lines
FS Antennentechnik
FS Antennentechnik EMC, communication and special application antennas.
Gerac Electromagnetisme
TEGAM Microwave, RF and electrical measurements and reference standards
Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Co. Ltd.
Electrostatic Discharge Simulator Power Fail Simulator PFS2216 CDN-405 T8 is the coupling/decoupling network to couple surge pulses to unshielded symmetrical high-speed communication line in the test. Data rate is up to 10/100/1,000MBit/s.
3ctest Electrostatic discharge, surge, burst and voltage dip simulators
AA-MCS web
AA-MCS Modular power amplifier
Alroy Microwave & Elec. Ltd. Waveguide assemblies
ARF Test
ARF Test RF shielding box for testing
Antennentechnik AG
Antennentechnik AG GSM 900, PCN, UMTS, AM/FM, GPS Antennas
Beel Technologies Inc

Solutions for verification of integrity, accuracy, phase
and azimuth alignment of
SSR & MTI Markers

Logo DBC
dB Control

MPMs, TWTAs y fuentes de alimentación

Diamond 9 channel  Rotary joints for air traffic control radar systems Per satellite communication applicationsRotary joints for air traffic control radar systems-7 channel L-band unit for a Selex radar
Diamond Antenna & Microwave Waveguide and coaxial until 9 channel and Roll-Rings
 Elite Antennas Antena 3.7mAntenna Ku band
Elite Antennas Ltd
Parabolic antennas for the satellite communication to 4,5m
FLANN microwave Millimeter & Sub-millimetricCoaxial Guide,
Flann Microwave Ltd Waveguide components up to 500 GHz
Ferrite Microwave
Ferrite Microwave Tech.

Very high power components from 200MHz to 40 GHz

Flexiguide Ltd Flexible and Twistable Waveguide
GATR Technologies Deployable, inflatable SatCom antennas and systems that
provide for quick deployment and high-bandwidth communications in remote, hard-to-reach areas.
Hydro group Fibre Optic Connectors and Penetrators
Hydro Group Plc Subsea and harsh environment electrical and optical connectors,
penetrators, cables, assemblies and terminations.
HXI Milimetric Components
Intelliconnect Ltd ( Europe)
Coax cables & connectors including submergible Solutions
I.F. Engineering
I.F. Engineering Corp.
Dividers, couplers, modulators & switch matrix.
IMS Resistors
Surface mount RF resistors, attenuators, terminations and power dividers
JFW Industries Inc.
RF attenuators, loads and switches
L3 Essco  

ATC, military and metereological radomes

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MESL Microwave Ltd. Isolators, circulators and ferrite switches. SAW for radar.
Custom RF modules. High Power.
MEGA industries  high power, low frequency waveguide and waveguide components in sizes ranging from WR090 through WR2300
Mega Industries

High power, low frequency waveguide and
waveguide components in sizes ranging from WR090 through WR2300

Microwave Amp.
Microwave Amplifiers Ltd. Narrow and medium bandwidth amplifiers up to 20 GHz
Modular Devices, Inc.
Modular Devices, Inc Power Conversion for Space and Military/Aerospace
NORSAT International, LNB in Stock in stockin stock
Norsat International, Inc LNB
Rakon Ltd.
Quartz oscillators and crystals for GPS and communications – demanding specifications
SCAN ANTENNA (Dinamarca)
Scan antenna A/S Marine, fixed and mobile antennas in HF, VHF, UHF, Cellular and other bands.
Sector Microwave Industries Inc Waveguide & Coaxial Switches. Space Switches
Old Qpar Antennas
Steatite Antennas Horns, antennas and positioners.
Stevenage Circuits
Stevenage Circuits Ltd Flex, Flex-Rigid, Rigid and RF PCBs
Surface Heating Systems Ltd Antenna De-Icing
Tallysman GPS Receivers and Antennas
Tai-Saw Technology SAW RF Filter and resonators and BAW
Temwell Corp. Helical filters up to 2.7 GHz, connectorized filters for CCTV, CATV etc. base station diplexers.
 Thinking Space (UK)
Thinking Space Furniture and equipment for control rooms: ATM, broadcast, trafic & industry.
TRU Interface: EIA 1-5/8 MEIA™-1625  EIA 7/8  MEIA™-875 SQS™ QRM™ QDS 7-16 LC LT QC HN SC C  N ATNC  TNC  BNC  SMA  BMA BMMA .5 mmInterface: EIA 1-5/8 MEIA™-1625  EIA 7/8  MEIA™-875 SQS™ QRM™ QDS 7-16 LC LT QC HN SC C  N ATNC  TNC  BNC  SMA  BMA BMMA .5 mm 
TRU Corporation.

Precision adapters and connectors for high power.

AGC AeroComposites (Tods) Radomes, RF non reflective cladding, sonar windows and composite structures
Waveline Inc.
Waveguide componentes, Loads, couplers,etc
Wenzel Associates, Inc.
Quartz crystal references
Werlatone WenzelWenzelWenzelWenzel
Werlatone Inc.
High power combiners dividers and couplers
Challenge Electronics
Challenge Electronics Audible devices including piezoelectric alarms, buzzers,
transducers, speakers and microphones.