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Novidades e novos produtos.


EXHIBITION : Spantech asistirá al MTT 2010

Si vas a asistir a esta exhibición,
no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros para concertar una cita con algunas de nuestras representadas que estarán presentes en la exhibición.22/05/10

MITEQ - Booth: 3117
HXI, LLC - Booth: 3706
JFW Industries - Booth: 1700

MESL Microwave - Booth: 517
Wenzel - Booth: 2528

MTT 2010


NUEVA REPRESENTADA : ARF Test, shielding box

ARF Test
Nos complace presentarles nuestra nueva representada ARF test de Francia, fabricante de cajas apantalladas para test RF. 18/02/10

Caja RF manual
Antena 3.7m
Caja RF Automática


JFWIntroducing the 50S-1820 and 50S-1821 from JFW, our latest innovations in our line of high-power, solid-state RF switches. The 50S-1820 is capable of switching 100-Watts of RF power from 800-2700 MHz (cold switch), while the 50S-1821 will switch 75-Watts from 800-3000 MHz. Both switches boast 10-Microsecond switching speeds and a minimum isolation of 55dB. Available with SMA, N, BNC, or TNC connectors. Press Release 15/05/09

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Triple-Balanced Mixere

MITEQ MITEQ’s Model TBR0058LA3 is a wideband triple-balanced mixer which utilizes a dual quad circuit to provide performance in overlapping RF and IF frequency ranges. This device has an RF and LO of 500 to 8000 MHz and an IF response of 50 to 3000 MHz. This product is well suited for military and commercial applications and is also available in higher-level diode options for increased 1 dB compression and third order intercept. Press Release 26/01/2010


Nuevo catálogo de MITEQ

MITEQ presenta su nuevo catálogo de 64 páginas de productos de fibra óptica. Las hojas de datos individuales ofrecen descripciones de los productos, aplicaciones, especificaciones eléctricas, las especificaciones de rendimiento óptico, los requisitos de energía, datos de prueba típicos, diagramas de bloque, y resumen de losplanos en su línea completa de enlaces de fibra óptica, receptores y transmisores ópticos. Press Release 25/01/2010 (updated 01/10/14)

Bájate el catálogo.
DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International)

BSC WEB Visite a BSC Filters en el stand 420 en el DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International) que se celebra desde el 8 a 11 de septiembre en ExCel (Londres). .

Visit BSC Filters on stand 420 at DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International) 2009, 8-11 September, ExCel London.

DSEi in London
8-11 September


Instrumentation Desktop Amplifiers

MITEQ MITEQ’s latest offering in its instrumentation amplifier series, Models NSP2000-NVG, NSP4000-NVG and NSP4000-NFG, are now available with a frequency range from 0.1-40 GHz. Fixed or digitally controlled variable gain models are available. The variable gain models offer a digital control range of up to 15 dB with a step size of 1 dB.

The amplifiers include a built-in CE approved power supply and cooling fans. Options include various frequency bandwidths, gain, noise figure and power outputs. They can also be made with an input limiter, DC block and temperature compensation. In addition, various connector types are available. The unit is also available as RoHS compliant. Press Release 18/05/09.




If you are going to attend the MTT in Boston, 9-11 June, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Si va a asistir al MTT de Boston,9-11 de junio, por favor contacte con nosotros. www.ims2009.org

9-11 June


Ka-Band Power Amplifier Module

MITEQ introduces the AMF-8F-27003150-55-30P, a broadband high power amplifier. This compact amplifier is a connectorized high power gain module, covering SATCOM bands 27 to 31.5 GHz and delivering approximately 1W of power. Nominal small-signal gain of the amplifier is 35 dB minimum, NF is close to 4.5 dB typ. VSWR less than 2.3:1. Minimum P1dB is 30 dBm. Output IP3 is a minimum of 33 dBm and a typical of 37 dBm across the full band. Press Release 05/05/09


Ka-Band Outdoors Waveguide LNA

MITEQintroduces the AMFW-8F-17702130-120-23P-WP a very low noise, high dynamic range Ka-band waveguide front end LNA. It has a typical noise temperature of 110?K, with a maximum of 120?K, and it is capable of a minimum of 23 dBm of P1dB across the full band, 17.7 to 21.3 GHz. Press Release 05/05/09

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JFWThe 50BR-112, the bench-top rotary attenuator from JFW Industries, adjusts from 0-110dB in 1-dB increments and it operates from DC to 2700 MHz. It's capable of handling 2 Watts RF input power and maintains a VSWR of 1.8:1 maximum
(1.6:1 typical). It's compact size conserves bench space and makes testing a snap from from IF to RF and everything in between. The 50BR-112 is comes with BNC, SMA, N, or TNC Female connectors and other configurations are also available. Press Release 15/05/09

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